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...is what Dave & I spent on dinner & drinks at Baker's last night.  Yoowzer. I had planned to pay in cash but didn't have enough to cover it.

So have they raised prices because they are at risk of closing, or are they at risk of closing because of their prices?  I don't remember having paid that much before.

We definitely had some sticker shock. I would definitely think twice before going there again, or at least feel as if I had to budget in advance for it.

$107 is not too much for a really nice dinner with some fine wine. But the fact is, the food was pretty good, but not excellent, and frankly, my drinks sucked completely. I didn't finish my second one, a $10 Bloody Mary that was just tomato juice with cheap vodka...and a marachino cherry (?ew?)!

The music was good, although I thought the band's breaks were a little on the long side, but maybe that was just my impatience kickin' in from being out on a work night.

I realize that the costs were inflated to include the costs of the show, but I'd much rather pay a cover so I know exactly how my money is being allocated, and be served decent drinks at a reasonable price.

I wish Bakers well, but frankly I'm a little worried about their management.


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Apr. 23rd, 2009 05:25 pm (UTC)
Unfortunately, I'm sad to say, I agree totally. Though their drinks have always been on the pricey side... not that pricey, but definitely more than average.

Last night, it felt like the wheels were coming off their little red wagon.

I was very disappointed that the band's third set was 1 song... a long one (8-10 minutes)... but 1 song??? sheesh. I didn't even have time to drink the beer that I had to go up to the bar to get because our waitress never showed up again.
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