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The Ultimate Nap

Yesterday I was in my second car accident in two months. Both happened on a Monday on my way in to work, just for some extra salt in the Monday wound. This time the douchebag who caused it high-tailed it away from the scene.

After I pulled off of Woodward, I dealt with the usual post-accident trembling and shakiness and tear-fighting. I called Dave, called in to work, and called the cops to come file a report. Come they did and thankfully, as we sorted out the details standing there in the pouring rain, they agreed that I was not at fault.

I went home and spent a couple hours on the phone with 6 different insurance people working out the claims. Some I had to call, others I had to wait around for them to call me. In the end, they agreed to waive the deductibles for both claims, and the body shop is going to comp us a rental car. Win. Unfortunately they can't get us in until next week. 

While getting that sorted out I made a big pot of oatmeal, the hearty, slow-cook, whole grain kind, not the instant stuff. I added to it cinnamon, brown sugar, maple syrup, and raisins. Dave and I each had a big bowl of it. Dave ate his while he worked. I ate mine curled up the couch staring out at the rain and grey, dreary day, intermittently taking calls from the insurance folks. 

Dave and I decided that because I was going to need to use his car for the next week, there were a couple critical repairs to get done ASAP, and since I was already missing most of work for today, we'd take care of it that day. So we dropped his car off up at the shop to get a new tire to replace the defective one that was shredding apart, and to replace his headlight that was out.

Once we got home, I allowed myself the luxury of going back to bed. My belly was full of comfort-food goodness, my tension was finally easing, and the rain was softly rat-a-tat-tatting against the window. I curled up on my side and Max stretched out with his back against my chest with his warm little body snuggled up to me. I immediately fell into the most perfect, pristine, and deep sleep. It was glorious.
I was out cold.

As a frequent insomniac / chronic restless sleeper, sleep like that is precious and rare.

Dave woke me up a little over an hour later letting me know that his car was ready.  We picked it up and I went in to work from there, getting to the office at 3:15. I ran a single report and checked up on emails, nothing urgent. I felt that coming in to the office was the "right" thing to do from an appearance standpoint, but I shouldn't have. I totally should have stayed in bed.



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Apr. 23rd, 2009 03:15 am (UTC)
This absolutely sucky situation seems to have ended about as positively as it could have. What an effin drag, Julie! I'm really glad you're ok, that insurance is going to cover it with minimal suffering on your end, and I just hope that fuckhead who hit you gets his asap.

Wish I were there to buy you and Dave a drinkie-poo.

Hang in there, Jules. Miss you guys.

Apr. 23rd, 2009 11:15 pm (UTC)
Thanks Jamie! We miss you too.
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