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Always a bridesmaid, never a bride (again).

Ordered my bridesmaid dress for Benny's wedding yesterday. Each girl got to pick her own style out of about 30 selections from the designer, as long as it was in this blue that Errin had chosen.  I had narrowed it down to between this and one other style, Dave thought this one was sexier, so be it. It's purty. I had to order it a size larger than I wanted. Damn. I've finally been getting to the gym with some regularity lately, for the first time since last summer, but apparently not enough.

Errin is going to accessorize it with light green jewelry, I think that will look fantastic with the blue, and a little different from the standard silver/gold/pearl norm of weddings. She's got a great eye for style.

Ben & Errin are getting married the Friday of Labor Day weekend, which is perfect because I'll have to take a day and a half off before that for rehearsal stuff & the actual wedding, which will make it a nice long weekend. AND, the following day, that Saturday, my friend Allyse is getting married in a moonlight wedding, where they'll have everyone for dinner first, where she'll wear a bridal cocktail dress. Then she gets to change into her wedding gown and they'll get married outside under the moon with candles everywhere. I think it sounds sooooo cool!

A long weekend of wedding-filled happiness. I can't wait!!!  Dave is less than thrilled to have 2 weddings in one weekend, but we'll still get 2 full days off ourselves, so I think it works out perfectly! 

On a sad note, I haven't seen Allyse since a lunch we had together shortly after my wedding.  We used to be such good friends but it's all been weird since she visited me in Scotland years ago, where we parted on a somewhat sour note.  I sort of wonder if ours is a friendship that will dwindle to an end with our respective marriages, like so many old friendships seem to do. Our interests seem to be so different than they once were. She hasn't taken me up on an invite to even one party or to hang out in forever and the only invite I have received from her was to something I couldn't make, involving a group of girls I didn't know anyway. I am planning on going to her bachlorette party weekend up north this July, and I'm looking forward to it, but then again - I think it will be a little awkward too, like we don't know each other very well any more, which bums me out, because I really have some great memories with Allyse.  I think that "breaking up" with old girl friends can be even more painful than breakups I've had with boyfriends. They tend to die a long, slow death, and can be full complexities and denial on many levels. I am juggling a couple of those right now and am unsure of how to revive them.


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