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another thanks to Facebook

There's another high school mini-reunion party in the works tonight. It's the same crowd as the girls I had over for the slumber party in November, except we've added spouses and our gay pals Jeremy & AJ, who are coming in from Chicago, as are Erin & Vito. Ben & Rachel are coming down from Grayling.  Heather & Gerard are hosting this one. It's also a slumber party but Dave & I aren't going to stay the night because of the dogs. Heather wants us just to bring them, but she has a cat and that is just soooo not going to be cool if Eco gets a hold of Oscar. Ah, well.  I'm just very very very happy to get to hang out with them for what I can, and to have Dave meet everyone.

Yay to old friends. There are only a few people from high school I'd really be interested in seeing again, and tonight will represent many of them. I'm so glad to still be in touch with them. I'm taking a album of old photos and plan to do a lot of teasing, and am sure I'll take a lot of teasing, too. :-)

*Edit on 2/1/09:  we took the dogs. They were angels. Of course the cat had to be locked up in the laundry room, but it all turned out just fine and we were able to stay the night.  We drank a shitload; I do believe I did 4 shots of Patrone last night, along with whiskey & cokes, beers, and yucca.  It was good to see them all, it's probably been about 7 years since I last saw Jeremy & AJ and it was just like old times with them, natural & easy.  My face hurt from laughing. They all loved Dave, and he says he had a good time, too. Yay!


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Feb. 2nd, 2009 08:07 pm (UTC)
It's true! I did!
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