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Post School I want to:

(In no particular order, and with no chance of being all-inclusive)

  • work out and be able to get back to wearing my skinny jeans with dignity. pronto.
  • get living room rug cleaned, polish the crappy looking leather trim that bugs me every time I'm in the living room
  • take an effin real vacation. not just another long weekend. not with family of any kind, 'xceptin' the hubby. yeah.
  • have a long overdue Sex and the Suburbs girls night out
  • go for High Tea with Michelle and the Red Hat Society and then get wasted midday in our hats and gloves and fine things
  • clean out the office. and the basement. the need to organize is strong. my house has got away from me.
  • bike with dave
  • rotate the bed mattress, clean out underneath the bed
  • do that 100 push up plan challenge
  • fulfill my wedding vows to do the grocery shopping. thanks baby for giving me a reprieve on that one for a while! :-)
  • garden - make my home a pleasant place to hang out, even outside
  • plant a row of flowers down the front walk
  • kayak/canoe with dave
  • decide where dave and I are going to live and start making plans to get there
  • get back to having a fish tank for a hobby, (real tank not just a bowl)
  • get back to learning/practicing French avant j'ai oublie tout
  • hang out with Heather. She and I have not hung out one on one in three years now. that is awful.
  • act like a good aunt for once and have my nieces & nephews come visit before they no longer want to
  • have another reunion get together with old pals Rach/Ben/Jeremy/AJ
  • read, read, read! 
  • cook, cook, cook! I am especially craving botwinka again. will have to make that before school is over for sure.
  • hang out with mom, dad & jill more
  • play more euchre/have card nights with friends
  • sit on the back patio and drink margaritas during the week
  • return to yoga, if I can afford to. yoga is just so friggin' expensive!
  • have kids....eventually...i suppose
Ah. What a completely boring person I am. But this kind of back-to-normal stuff is sounding like some seriously sweet bliss right about now.

About 14 more weeks and I'm a free woman! Meanwhile, I continue to day dream.


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