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Aug. 7th, 2009

I have no patience left for conservative fuckheads. None.

Post School I want to:

(In no particular order, and with no chance of being all-inclusive)

  • work out and be able to get back to wearing my skinny jeans with dignity. pronto.
  • get living room rug cleaned, polish the crappy looking leather trim that bugs me every time I'm in the living room
  • take an effin real vacation. not just another long weekend. not with family of any kind, 'xceptin' the hubby. yeah.
  • have a long overdue Sex and the Suburbs girls night out
  • go for High Tea with Michelle and the Red Hat Society and then get wasted midday in our hats and gloves and fine things
  • clean out the office. and the basement. the need to organize is strong. my house has got away from me.
  • bike with dave
  • rotate the bed mattress, clean out underneath the bed
  • do that 100 push up plan challenge
  • fulfill my wedding vows to do the grocery shopping. thanks baby for giving me a reprieve on that one for a while! :-)
  • garden - make my home a pleasant place to hang out, even outside
  • plant a row of flowers down the front walk
  • kayak/canoe with dave
  • decide where dave and I are going to live and start making plans to get there
  • get back to having a fish tank for a hobby, (real tank not just a bowl)
  • get back to learning/practicing French avant j'ai oublie tout
  • hang out with Heather. She and I have not hung out one on one in three years now. that is awful.
  • act like a good aunt for once and have my nieces & nephews come visit before they no longer want to
  • have another reunion get together with old pals Rach/Ben/Jeremy/AJ
  • read, read, read! 
  • cook, cook, cook! I am especially craving botwinka again. will have to make that before school is over for sure.
  • hang out with mom, dad & jill more
  • play more euchre/have card nights with friends
  • sit on the back patio and drink margaritas during the week
  • return to yoga, if I can afford to. yoga is just so friggin' expensive!
  • have kids....eventually...i suppose
Ah. What a completely boring person I am. But this kind of back-to-normal stuff is sounding like some seriously sweet bliss right about now.

About 14 more weeks and I'm a free woman! Meanwhile, I continue to day dream.

My old retreat

Once upon a time my sister's farm was a place of retreat for me. I used to go up there and hang out with them. It was the type of place that I could go to without any need to talk if I didn't want to. It was quiet, peaceful, serene. This is a picture Jill took from the top of their hill, just outside their barn.  That's Rico, one of their old horses. He's very sweet. He loves other animals - cats, chickens, goats, dogs. He seeks them out and tries to become their horsey pal.

Once upon a time Jill & Al had a quiet household with lots of space for my peace-seeking soul and lots of opportunity to have my dear sister all to myself if I felt like talking her ear off. No more. But with good reason. I am not complaining.

Aren't they sweet in their Easter outfits?

And here's Onyx, the most sociable and loving barn cat you've ever met. He ain't complaining about the new crowd either. This is what a cat in pure bliss looks like.  He has all his claws, he needs them to do his job of fending off strays, catching mice, fighting with coyotes, and being the general Barnyard Badass. But he'd never use them on a little kid squeezing him.

And here's another new addition to their barnyard world, Puppy Mona meets Goat Sweet Pea. Mona is a French Brittany destined for training as a part time bird dog, full time house dog.

I miss my sister and her little farm.


...is what Dave & I spent on dinner & drinks at Baker's last night.  Yoowzer. I had planned to pay in cash but didn't have enough to cover it.

So have they raised prices because they are at risk of closing, or are they at risk of closing because of their prices?  I don't remember having paid that much before.

We definitely had some sticker shock. I would definitely think twice before going there again, or at least feel as if I had to budget in advance for it.

$107 is not too much for a really nice dinner with some fine wine. But the fact is, the food was pretty good, but not excellent, and frankly, my drinks sucked completely. I didn't finish my second one, a $10 Bloody Mary that was just tomato juice with cheap vodka...and a marachino cherry (?ew?)!

The music was good, although I thought the band's breaks were a little on the long side, but maybe that was just my impatience kickin' in from being out on a work night.

I realize that the costs were inflated to include the costs of the show, but I'd much rather pay a cover so I know exactly how my money is being allocated, and be served decent drinks at a reasonable price.

I wish Bakers well, but frankly I'm a little worried about their management.

The Ultimate Nap

Yesterday I was in my second car accident in two months. Both happened on a Monday on my way in to work, just for some extra salt in the Monday wound. This time the douchebag who caused it high-tailed it away from the scene.

After I pulled off of Woodward, I dealt with the usual post-accident trembling and shakiness and tear-fighting. I called Dave, called in to work, and called the cops to come file a report. Come they did and thankfully, as we sorted out the details standing there in the pouring rain, they agreed that I was not at fault.

I went home and spent a couple hours on the phone with 6 different insurance people working out the claims. Some I had to call, others I had to wait around for them to call me. In the end, they agreed to waive the deductibles for both claims, and the body shop is going to comp us a rental car. Win. Unfortunately they can't get us in until next week. 

While getting that sorted out I made a big pot of oatmeal, the hearty, slow-cook, whole grain kind, not the instant stuff. I added to it cinnamon, brown sugar, maple syrup, and raisins. Dave and I each had a big bowl of it. Dave ate his while he worked. I ate mine curled up the couch staring out at the rain and grey, dreary day, intermittently taking calls from the insurance folks. 

Dave and I decided that because I was going to need to use his car for the next week, there were a couple critical repairs to get done ASAP, and since I was already missing most of work for today, we'd take care of it that day. So we dropped his car off up at the shop to get a new tire to replace the defective one that was shredding apart, and to replace his headlight that was out.

Once we got home, I allowed myself the luxury of going back to bed. My belly was full of comfort-food goodness, my tension was finally easing, and the rain was softly rat-a-tat-tatting against the window. I curled up on my side and Max stretched out with his back against my chest with his warm little body snuggled up to me. I immediately fell into the most perfect, pristine, and deep sleep. It was glorious.
I was out cold.

As a frequent insomniac / chronic restless sleeper, sleep like that is precious and rare.

Dave woke me up a little over an hour later letting me know that his car was ready.  We picked it up and I went in to work from there, getting to the office at 3:15. I ran a single report and checked up on emails, nothing urgent. I felt that coming in to the office was the "right" thing to do from an appearance standpoint, but I shouldn't have. I totally should have stayed in bed.


Always a bridesmaid, never a bride (again).

Ordered my bridesmaid dress for Benny's wedding yesterday. Each girl got to pick her own style out of about 30 selections from the designer, as long as it was in this blue that Errin had chosen.  I had narrowed it down to between this and one other style, Dave thought this one was sexier, so be it. It's purty. I had to order it a size larger than I wanted. Damn. I've finally been getting to the gym with some regularity lately, for the first time since last summer, but apparently not enough.

Errin is going to accessorize it with light green jewelry, I think that will look fantastic with the blue, and a little different from the standard silver/gold/pearl norm of weddings. She's got a great eye for style.

Ben & Errin are getting married the Friday of Labor Day weekend, which is perfect because I'll have to take a day and a half off before that for rehearsal stuff & the actual wedding, which will make it a nice long weekend. AND, the following day, that Saturday, my friend Allyse is getting married in a moonlight wedding, where they'll have everyone for dinner first, where she'll wear a bridal cocktail dress. Then she gets to change into her wedding gown and they'll get married outside under the moon with candles everywhere. I think it sounds sooooo cool!

A long weekend of wedding-filled happiness. I can't wait!!!  Dave is less than thrilled to have 2 weddings in one weekend, but we'll still get 2 full days off ourselves, so I think it works out perfectly! 

On a sad note, I haven't seen Allyse since a lunch we had together shortly after my wedding.  We used to be such good friends but it's all been weird since she visited me in Scotland years ago, where we parted on a somewhat sour note.  I sort of wonder if ours is a friendship that will dwindle to an end with our respective marriages, like so many old friendships seem to do. Our interests seem to be so different than they once were. She hasn't taken me up on an invite to even one party or to hang out in forever and the only invite I have received from her was to something I couldn't make, involving a group of girls I didn't know anyway. I am planning on going to her bachlorette party weekend up north this July, and I'm looking forward to it, but then again - I think it will be a little awkward too, like we don't know each other very well any more, which bums me out, because I really have some great memories with Allyse.  I think that "breaking up" with old girl friends can be even more painful than breakups I've had with boyfriends. They tend to die a long, slow death, and can be full complexities and denial on many levels. I am juggling a couple of those right now and am unsure of how to revive them.

To B or not to B

Durn it all to heck.

Got my grades for this semester, and I got a frickin' frakkin' B in Accounting. Not even a B+, but a straight ol' run-of-the-mill B.

While this isn't the worst grade in the world, what has my panties in a bunch is that I kept record of all my grades, and as far as I can tell, I clearly got a A- according to the grade scale in the prof's syllabus. The difference between my total earned points and a B on the very top of grade scale is at least 20 points (the equivalent of 4 homework assignments or 1-2 quizzes or an entire case study) so the prof and I are way off. I've emailed her my records and asked her to let me know where we are disconnected.

The thing that has me further annoyed is that the dumbass online tool that the prof made us purchase out of our pocket to make her life easier for grading is no longer active, so I can't get back into it to double check my records or prove anything, if that's what it comes down to.  

This is the first grade I've ever contested in any class; high school/college/grad school. The meek shy nerdy me is all nervous about it.

movie reviews, quick & dirrty

AUSTRALIA: sucked. blew. spewed. Even a shirtless, wet Hugh Jackman couldn't save it. Even a hot, sweaty Hugh Jackman on a horse couldn't save it.  Even a Hugh Jackman sex scene couldn't save it.  And I give anything involving that man a wide, wide, WIDE margin of error.

LEATHERHEADS: actually ok!  Not great, not superb, but ok. And not just for the girlie Q's: Dave liked it too. There were a few chuckles in there.  We both expected it to be completely stupid, so it was much bolstered by easily exceeding our low expectations.  Worthwhile for an easy viewin' kind of night.
Taking an accounting quiz and writing a paper every weekend doesn't seem so bad at first, but it gets really old, really quickly.

5 weeks down, 6 more to go.  Ugh.

another thanks to Facebook

There's another high school mini-reunion party in the works tonight. It's the same crowd as the girls I had over for the slumber party in November, except we've added spouses and our gay pals Jeremy & AJ, who are coming in from Chicago, as are Erin & Vito. Ben & Rachel are coming down from Grayling.  Heather & Gerard are hosting this one. It's also a slumber party but Dave & I aren't going to stay the night because of the dogs. Heather wants us just to bring them, but she has a cat and that is just soooo not going to be cool if Eco gets a hold of Oscar. Ah, well.  I'm just very very very happy to get to hang out with them for what I can, and to have Dave meet everyone.

Yay to old friends. There are only a few people from high school I'd really be interested in seeing again, and tonight will represent many of them. I'm so glad to still be in touch with them. I'm taking a album of old photos and plan to do a lot of teasing, and am sure I'll take a lot of teasing, too. :-)

*Edit on 2/1/09:  we took the dogs. They were angels. Of course the cat had to be locked up in the laundry room, but it all turned out just fine and we were able to stay the night.  We drank a shitload; I do believe I did 4 shots of Patrone last night, along with whiskey & cokes, beers, and yucca.  It was good to see them all, it's probably been about 7 years since I last saw Jeremy & AJ and it was just like old times with them, natural & easy.  My face hurt from laughing. They all loved Dave, and he says he had a good time, too. Yay!